Why you need a mentor

Are you struggling to find your feet? Feel a lot more confused after college graduation?

Did you know that over 67% of students find themselves overwhelmed, confused & dissatisfied with their education?

Current college doesn’t equip you with the skills necessary for you to succeed, they only are concerned if you have paid all the fees on time.

They don’t care if you feel depressed, clueless or totally anxious about the works outside you

I know this, I was there, plus it got worse I went to IIT Madras, so the confusion was even more & the pressure to succeed was a lot more, as some of my peers were crushing it

Add to this there is a myriad of information out there, the problem is the excessive courses & plethora of knowledge.

This overwhelms us.

Did you know that most noble laureates actually had other previous noble laureates as their mentors?

We need a solution, a guide, a mentor who shows us a specific path to success

The tools, strategies are secondary.

What are the specific things to learn that would let me crack an AI job in the shortest time?

Why sets some Data Scientists apart, even though almost all of them know the tools?

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