Is it possible to land a high-paying internship in AI?

Is it possible to land a high-paying internship in AI?

“It's going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.” - Colin Angle

No one can deny the fact that we don’t use Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives! Each of us uses Artificial Intelligence in one way or other. Artificial intelligence(AI) is intelligence made by mankind through digital means. Now AI has evolved into a revolutionary change.

Everything which we do online from social media to phones or watches or devices, AI has become the component of modern software.

AI is a very wide topic, which cannot be covered in one single article, it has so many terms and so many topics related to it.

In this article, we would like to help you by giving you tips on how to get a high-paying internship using AI information. Let’s get into it already!

Why internship is important?

Some benefits for interning:

  • Work Experience: You get the work experience through any particular internships, it feels exactly like a job. You get the professional work environment, get mentors, learn new things, gain a new perspective.
  • Choice of different careers: Once you start interning at companies, you gain different experiences from contrasting mentors, experience disparate work environments. It all might lead you to have second thoughts about your career plan and you might want to try unrelated internships as well. In short, you would have a choice of different career plans.
  • Networking/Connections: Once you start working as an intern, you are bound to socialize with people who have different positions. This way you can build up your connections and keep socializing with them.
  • Confidence Builder: A lot of high school students or university students believe that they might not be able to work in reality, or be practical. These internships are perfect for those students, it will help you gain confidence and believe in yourself.

How can AI students end up getting high-end pay through internships?

Eligibility Criteria

No one would say no to you for any internship if you have graduated or currently pursuing B.Sc or B.Tech. If you are efficient with other technical skills as well, then that is a plus point in your resume. Undoubtedly, the course will add a positive point for you and if you don’t possess these skills then there are many companies which provide these courses with excellent faculty. You can also pursue a Diploma course in B.Sc or B.Tech. We are sure you must be knowing that educational qualifications are important for any company! But not more important than your technical skills/knowledge.

Technical Skills

If you want to land yourself a high-paying internship, you are bound to work hard and understand many skills in advance. Expectations will be high and opportunities would come knocking on your door once you’re through with the internship.

There are a lot of technical skills which you can learn through different courses or have already learned.

  • Python Language: Such programs help you get a more secure internship with high-pay-learning python, C++, Java, and related programs help you with that.
  • Natural Language Processing: This is one of the fields in Artificial Intelligence! Natural Language Processing(NLP) is the only process that allows computers to understand human language. This field only mainly includes two work areas, Linguistics and Computer Science. If not an expert, then you are at least expected to understand this term to the basic level.
  • Convolutional Neural Networks: You should thoroughly know about Neural Networks since that could help you solve complex codes or execute. Make sure you study or give it enough time to understand.
  • Image Processing techniques- As a student of AI, machine learning, and more, you must be aware of this term. Interns are expected to understand this concept for better innovations, that allows you to have high-pay. Keep learning more and your pay would keep getting high.
  • There are still a lot of skills you might know or must be learning. Focus on each skill you are acquiring since it will help you in the future.

How to get an internship if you have no experience?

Undoubtedly it is impossible for any AI company to take an intern with absolutely zero experience. But even if you do not have that much experience or solid experiences then try out these things! They might help you land an internship with good enough pay. Oh, and of course, your communication skills would matter a lot.

  • Personal projects
  • Hackathons
  • Coding Challenges
  • Open Source Projects

Personal Projects: It might seem like a general or basic thing but companies use this point for screening. Their first elimination depends upon how much the applicant has worked on personal projects, what do they practically know.

Hackathons: As a student in this stream, you might know about Hackathons already! But in case you don’t- Hackathons are basically computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others who collaborate intensively on software projects.

Many companies are interested in students participating in such hackathons. Even if you do not have much theoretical experience, hackathons might have given you practical experience and made you understand things more easily and in-depth.

Coding Challenges: Similar to hackathons, coding challenges define competition between such stream students to compete over their coding skills.

Open Source Projects: These projects are like real-life experience, more like getting a job, Here you learn more practical machine learning. Working on different projects with different people might give you an insight into what you will experience in the coming future.

In conclusion, there are opportunities for you to learn better things, experience different skills, have personal experiences- everything to get a better internship. Why would students focus on internships? The answer is very much clear. Internships provide the students to explore and learn so many things in a short period of time. Getting paid for it is just one of the advantages of scoring an internship. They also make your resume strong. If the resume is strong, do you think any company would ever say no to you? With the right skills and amazing communication skills, you are bound to aim for success.