Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence Career - Eligibility

I get a lot of questions via email and chat about backgrounds and eligibility for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence careers. Here are several profiles, their queries (please see if your profile is similar to any of the below). This is gold as you might definitely find something very useful!

"I was passionate about IT tools my age of 24 years when I was in Singapore – now that I am kind of semi-retired – wish to pursue such learning if I could do something to contribute to industry while working from home.
My age – at 55 does not allow me to travel too much like before – but mind is always jumping to learn new things and adopt the change needed to suit the industry situation.

My kids are grown ups and settled in overseas – by the way I thought I would do another B.Sc. Computer science to brush up my IT skills which I used to do during 1994 to 1999 as programmer – some shift in my work during my work in Singapore.

By the way I am an industrial trainer with over 34 years of experience in manufacturing industry, do you think I can still learn?"

Age Eligibility Query


Thanks for the message. That's a great background, there are many members in the community with a similar background.
The combination of foreign experience (especially Singapore) and the IT for decades is a deadly combination. In addition you really don't seem to have the pressure of fending for your family (as the kids are grown up). Manufacturing also is an exciting territory. This is a less crowded area. So there would be easy access to opportunities relatively speaking.

There is no age limit in our course and with honest and consistent effort we believe you can make it.

The next best step would be to attend the live masterclass and take copious amounts of notes.

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Query: Is there any prerequisites to learn such as age, experience, professional background, etc


Absolutely none for a career in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, our youngest person is 12 years old and we have a 76 year old person as well! We have a sizeable women population too! In terms of professional backgrounds we have all sorts of fields & degrees.

Degrees within the community

1) BSc
2) B.Tech
3) B.E
4) MSc
5) M.Tech
6) M.E
7) Dual Degrees
8) Diploma
9) High School


1) Sciences
2) Engineering: Computer Science, IT, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology,
3) Pharmacy, Gynaecology (MBBS)
4) IRS (Indian Railway Service), IFS (Indian Forest Service)

This is an excellent background and you can see that the person really has a passion for core Mathematics. This is a huge asset, the idea is that Math alone is not a really a great skill but couple that with programming it is a deadly combination.
So to really unlock next level opportunities the above person must learn coding (if Individual Contributor is a role that they want to take) & if they are seriously passionate about Computer Vision as they mention. Even if they want a management role, it is best to pick up both the skills (coding - reasonably well and all the model building), the rational is that if you learn both you can manage people who have these skills.

Another recurring theme is age, not sure why that is an impediment, It's astonishing how short handed an elder person feels just because of their age. Again want to reiterate that the skill is the most important aspect here.
Learn coding, learn Math, learn the algorithms thoroughly, meticulously and the world is your oyster!


Good afternoon sir, I ____ have been been working as an Assistant Profssor in University College of Engineering Narasaraopet JNTUK. I did M.Tech in 2015. Now is it possible to shift the career.
Thank you so much for letting me know how to think as a kid and curious about new things. I recently enrolled PhD in CSE at Central University Pondicheery. I want to learn Machine Learning, can you please share the information regarding how to join the course or provide any link to join the course and the fees related.


The above lady is a Professor at a university and she has a brilliant profile. I have huge respect for people who pursue their PhDs, and anybody in CSE is an added advantage. This is a very strong candidate for a terrific career in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. One theme I have been seeing although with faculty is that they are really good with theory and concepts but they really are weak with coding. It's almost as if they avoid it, and worse off, they active find solace in the fact that as long as the theory is understood they can do the coding. Well that is wrong, one must pick up programming and it must be thorough. Unless you become hands on you really can't understand preprocessing, model building, and deployment. Also most MAANG companies except you to be really good ICs (Individual Contributors). So the short answer to her query is yes, she has a promising profile but she needs to be able to pick up programming

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