Review of NPTEL Blockchain Certification

Course review of NPTEL Blockchain

NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning) is arguably one of the finest initiatives by all the IITs & MHRD (by and large) to provide accessible education to all the people across India (& globally).

NPTEL has over 2 Mn Youtube subscribers and around 400 Mn views! It is definitely extremely underrated. The below review is for NPTEL Blockchain Certification courses in 2020 and 2021

The current Blockchain course has Dr Mayank Aggrawal as the instructor. He has a background, he is currently working as Associate Professor & H.O.D, Computer Science & Engineering at Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar. He has an M.Tech in Computer Science and Ph.D(CS), SFRF(IIT-D).

There are six modules in the course, the lectures are all self paced and a link is provided for the Virtual Machine linkage.

The learning outcomes at the end of the course are the following, the students should be able to understand:
a) Blockchain technology & Cryptocurrency
b) Smart contracts & write using Ethereum Framework.
c) Use Remix IDE
d) Develop blockchain based solutions
e) Deploy Decentralized Application

The NPTEL Blockchain certification also covers cryptocurrency. Around 11000 students have taken this course till date! There is a previous archived NPTEL Blockchain certification course that covers architecture design and use cases & delivered by Professor Sandip Chakraborty & Dr. Praveen Jayachandran (in conjunction with IBM)

The course does not provide a certificate at this time. If you are interested in joining Pixeltests Blockchain Certification & Community, kindly read the below!

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